3rd April, 2018


Any second / third year undergraduate


A fast-paced structure promotes an innovative creative atmosphere geared towards those who are excited and passionate about designing and building. Come meet other enthusiastic hackers, work with cutting-edge technology, and turn your crazy ideas into reality! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started, we’ve got your back every step of the way.


Problem Statement

Build a model and present it on any of the topics given in the problem statement.

1)Generation of Fourier Synthesis Circuit Using Active Filters- Input to be given of one’s own choice.

2) Design of Sampler Circuit: Analog Signal Sampling and Reconstruction.

3)Design of Tuned Class C Amplifier and it’s Q-point analysis.

4)Design of FM Demodulation circuit

5) Design of Amplitude modulation circuit using transistors.

6) Design of Square Law Modulator.

7) Design of Local Oscillator (wave generation in kHz range)

8) Interconversion of Phase and Frequency Modulation using Analog Blocks.

9) Single Side Band Modulation. (Elimination of both USB and LSB should be demonstrated).

10) Generation of square wave using TTL logic and comparison with normal square wave generated using a function generator.



General Rules

  • Only second and third year undergraduates of any college are eligible for this event.

  • Each team can consist of a maximum of 4 members. You can participate just as an individual too.




  • Instructions shall be sent to you in the confirmation mail after you register for this event.

  • Based on your submission, we select the best six out of them. They qualify for the next round. You will have to present your idea in the form of a presentation to the judges.

  • The submission must be in the form of a PDF document (more than 300 words) or a presentation. It must be the complete hypothesis with all the details. The selection is based on your submission, so prepare well before submitting. The submission is to be done in "jt@jusc.in".

  • The deadline for the submission of the Prelims is on 27th March, 11:59 PM.



  • You will also have to show a physical prototype to the judges and explain to them its theory, functioning, and its applications. If you are not able to show a valid prototype which is a proof of concept, points shall be deducted.

  • You will be scored on basis of the idea, innovation, presentability, and hardware optimization. Demonstration on the day of the event shall have weightage too.



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