July 17, 2020

It was one of the worst phases I had ever experienced, no friends, no fast foods! In that time of unusual quarantine, some thoughts were roaming in my mind and it was about the situation that the world is going to witness after this Lockdown and Covid Pandemic. Each and every industry is going to suffer due to this pandemic for sure and then the seed of my idea was planted in the dry earth of Summer. It is about maintaining the smooth flow of the work inside an office, class or an institution, where social distancing is a vital and necessary requirement for the people. But if we look around us, we'll probably spot that there is a lack of awareness amongst people and they don't even maintain the proper guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). And from the point of view of the basic human instinct, it is very obvious that our very popular societal habits will not change suddenly until and unless there is any constraint which will prevent us from doing so. So I have planned the unique "Transparent Coupe Model of Social Distancing".


Design Idea: Basically it is a well ventilated glass coupe, with optimum Workstation Ergonometrics, which is equipped with an automatic sliding door, a thermal sensor, automatic hand-sanitizing machine and speech output system. Now let me explain to you about the functionality of this coupe system. Say you are entering inside and as soon as you stand in front of the door, it will automatically open and just after the entrance, there is a hand-sanitizer, operated automatically which will help sanitize your hands. You are now inside the transparent coupe and free to talk to anyone from within using the speech output system while being continuously monitored by the thermal scanner. When you are leaving the coupe, you’ll get your average temperature data as a self record.




Benefit: A research Group made a report that a single droplet (released while coughing or sneezing) can move between 6 ft. to 9 ft. in just 3 seconds. So our traditional social distancing of maintaining 1 metre distance is not enough. Again, to maintain this 1 metre rule a lot of space is required.



Suppose in an office with 100 workers, if this 1 meter rule is to be maintained, then  either you need more space or you can't put all the workers together into work, which somehow reduces the efficiency. But with this TRANSPARENT COUPE SYSTEM, you don't need a lot of extra space because the glass between two workers will make them socially distant. And the same concept applies to the institutions.

So, although you will sit side by side, you will be socially distant via the use of this coupe model, which reduces the probability of direct contamination with the virus while sneezing and coughing.

Maintenance and Cost: A very easy way of maintenance is to just sanitize the coupe after the end of working hours, or by self-sanitization using UV-radiation. Also it is quite cost efficient.

On a special note, this Model report has also been submitted to Indian Institute of Architects through a Competition Entry, organised by ACEDGE to build the resilience and anti fragility in the post pandemic industry and institutions.


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