July 17, 2020

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is an engineering discipline built on an unfinished science” -Matt Ginsberg

Until now the sole aim of AI was to learn, apprehend the problems, and achieve the desired goals. But Japanese AI experts invented an autonomous robot PARO i.e. one which is able to connect with humans on the emotional level. PARO is certified as The World’s Most Therapeutic Robot by The Guinness World Records.

But, how does PARO work??


Well, PARO is similar to your pet. By using AI it will analyze your personality for 2-3 days and then adopt the nature you prefer. It loves being stroked and abominates your hit. It has a habit of recognizing your actions. When you stroke it, the robot will automatically remember it’s previous action and repeat it after a while to get stroked again. Correspondingly, it will try not to imitate it’s action after you hit it. It is active during the day and gets sleepy at night. It’s whole body is covered with a hygienic fur and has 5 different sensors:

  1. Tactile: To feel being stroked and beaten

  2. Light: To recognize day and night

  3. Audition: To recognize the direction of the voice, the names, greetings, praise, etc

  4. Temperature: To learn whether it is hot or cold

  5. Posture: For being held

While interacting, PARO moves it’s head and limbs, produces sounds, blinks eyes, and encourages you to speak. PARO is often used in hospitals for elderly patients suffering from dementia. Sometimes these patients become restless and violent. Talking with PARO produces an instant calming effect on them and their mood lifts up almost instantly.

PARO during the Corona pandemic:

In these extreme hours of lockdown and social distancing, the hand made robot PARO can actually be a great friend. Our life has practically come to a halt and reality is hitting us hard. An hour-long conversation with PARO will lower down your stress and anxiety. The level of oxytocin hormone will decrease indicating relaxation. It will especially help people suffering from depression.

How does PARO affect society??

Undoubtedly PARO has a positive psychological, physiological and sociological effect. But seeing the fast progress of AI one can predict that scientists will come up with a better version of it. Probably the 2.0 version of PARO will not only listen but also communicate, comprehend and counsel. It will be competent enough to replace human's compassion and empathy. Instead of asking for companionship people will get dependent more on these robots and it will be a great threat to humanity.




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