June 28, 2020

The fascinating concept of time travel has picked a new turn with the recent discovery of a hypothetical time machine model. Us scientists Ben Tippet and David Tsang from the University of British Columbia in Canada proposed that one can get the preliminary idea of the theoretical model from the concept of space time curvature.

Many physicists claim that it is incorrect to divide space in 3 dimensions and time in a separate dimension. Since both are interlinked it can be referred to as a single continuum-spacetime.


According to Einstein’s General Relativity Theory a heavy mass object creates a gravitational field that pulls the surrounding objects towards it’s centre, following wrapped, closed curves in space. These 4 dimensional curves are known as space-time curvature. Gravity itself is an example of space-time curvature. Due to gravity the planets revolve around the stars along wrapped, closed, elliptical orbits.


Ben Tippet argued that not only physical space but also time direction shows curvature in the vicinity of high mass objects. The proof is slowing down time at the event horizon of black hole.

As per the research published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity the main trick of the model is to convert the time curvature into a closed circular loop. The theoretical model named Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domain Space-time (TARDIS) will be “bubble shaped”. It will be able to travel along the circular loop of time to skip into the past and future.

Though mathematically feasible the materials needed to exactly process the time machine is exotic and yet to be discovered.But the idea of time travel is enthralling enough. If this idea executed well and the materials are found scientists may come up with an actual time machine. The idea of time travel won’t be limited to the fictional world. Eventually a day will arrive when one can practically hire this time machine to revisit the past or get a glimpse of the future.





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