A new device can produce electricity from shadows

June 13, 2020

Someday, shadows and light could team up to provide power and this weird statement holds true now. 
A new device exploits the contrast between bright spots and shade to create a current that can power small electronics. “We can harvest energy anywhere on Earth, not just open spaces,” says Swee Ching Tan, a materials scientist at the National University of Singapore.
He created this device which is known as a  “shadow effect energy generator” which is made by a superthin coating of gold on silicon. Like in a solar cell, light shining on silicon energizes its electrons. With the gold layer, the shadow-effect energy generator produces an electric current when part of the device lies in shadow.
With eight generators, the team ran an electronic watch in low light. The devices can also serve as sensors having an excessive amount of sensitivity. When a remote-controlled car passed by, its shadow fell on a generator, creating the electricity to light up an LED.
This device runs on the magnitude of contrast between dark and light . The more the contrast, the better is the power generated. The team is currently working to generate energy in the shadowy spots in a solar array, between skyscrapers or even indoors.And if this scope persists, who knows even u can boil an egg with your shadow :)

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