Jontro Tontro - A Throwback

March 2, 2018

I guess, my journey with JUSC began even before I joined JU, with me and Subhashis geeking over arduinos and quadcopters. Recovering from a not so great performance in my JEE Advanced exam, Biswadip da and Amit da’s inspirations provided a new hobby and a place where I could easily fit in. Eventually, we came to know of this mega carnival show-down - Jontro Tontro. Jontro Tontro 2018 brings back the memories of the last 4 years of association with JUSC, whizzing past me like a distant dream.


From the modest initial days of making simple line followers, obstacle detectors and gesture bots, Jontro Tontro has indeed come a long way. In 2015, a gesture bot was enough to help you get the first place. But, we were amazed by the rate at which Jontro Tontro evolved and we started receiving participants making quadcopters, hovercrafts, real-time object detecting devices, bipeds and so much more. The main event of Jontro Tontro, which is now known as Innovision, is organized exclusively for the freshers of JU, and has an open problem statement, which gives the newcomers the freedom to think out of the box and come up with all sorts of crazy ideas to amaze us. It also helps make lasting friendship and bonds with your co-workers and senior mentors, along with learning cool technologies, which formulates the most important and intrinsic fabric of the club. From the days of working till late night under Gandhi Bhavan, or sleepless nights of making and remaking circuits and debugging codes, it has been a long journey.


Now, it is the opportunity of the current freshers to show what you have got. This year Jontro Tontro will be the biggest it has ever been, with multitude of events like Innovision, BAHBlah!, MindSweeper and Hues and Layers. I wish the participants all the best. Have a great time imagining crazy ideas, thinking out of the box, learning new things and making memories. Cheers!


Check out the Jontro Tontro '18 events by clicking here.


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