I say, you are a dreamer and you are not the only one. It all boils down to those innovative ideas in your head that can change the world. Let those imaginations take shape.


Problem Statement

Build any innovative entity that is real enough to sustain in this big wide world and that can impact the society in a constructive way.



General Rules

  • Each team can consist of a maximum of 5 members.

  • The decision of JUSC officials is final and abiding.


Event Rules

  • The main goal of participating bot is to shoot the ball into opponent’s goal.

  • The ball is to be taken across the field only by pushing. It cannot be clamped or lifted in the air and at no point of time should the ball be covered by all sides by the participant’s bot or any part of it.

  • Dribbling mechanisms can be used; however, the ball must have at least one direction for free motion.

  • A participant’s bot is not supposed to interact directly with the opponent’s bot when it is not in possession of the ball. If one of the bots is in possession of the ball, the other can attempt to dispossess it by attacking only the ball.

  • Physical interaction between the bots in this process will be tolerated if it is judged that the attacking bot went for the ball.

  • If a bot is found to commit a foul (directly hitting/obstructing the motion of the opponent’s bot), the opponent will be given a free–shot.

  • In case of entangling of the wires, there can be a restart, with the ball placed at the point where it was before the entangling of the wires, upon the discretion of the referee.

  • Damaging the arena in any form will lead to immediate disqualification.

  • After every goal is scored the ball would be placed back in the centre circle and each bot shall restart from their respective D-lines.

  • There shall be red regions in the four corners. If a bot pushes its opponent to that area completely, it receives points (only applicable in Round 1).

  • Own goals are taken to account.





Diyanko Bhowmik – / 8697104094

Rohini Das – / 8902767858

Jadavpur University Campus, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032, India

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