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The Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses (BAHFest) is a celebration of well-argued and thoroughly researched but completely incorrect scientific theories. Bad, as in, babies are shaped like footballs, and that, they can be punted over mountains. (watch this video right now 😉)


Problem Statement

We need short (3-5 minute) funny original presentations in which the speaker gives a fake scientific lecture. The lecture can be on any scientific topic, but it must either propose a hypothesis, suggest a big idea for a scientific project, or describe an experiment.

And you have 10 days ( ​Starting 14/2/2019 0000 IST to 25/2/2019 1600 IST ​) to create your presentation and mail it to ​

In case this is daunting, here are some writing prompts:

  • New theories of evolution, human psychology, or animal behaviour.

  • Ways to solve major problems (real or imagined) facing humanity

  • Ways to use science to improve human life

  • Proposals for large scale social science experiments

  • Proposals for “big science” projects, like space missions or the LHC



  • You can send up to 3 submissions in the form of a document or presentation with the complete idea but only a maximum of one can be selected.

  • DON’T Send a theory about fictional characters and/or copyrighted material.




Instructions shall be sent to you in the confirmation mail after you register for this event.

Based on your submission, we select the best six out of them. They qualify for the next round.

The submission must be in the form of a PDF document (more than 300 words) or a presentation. It must be the complete hypothesis with all the details. The selection is based on your submission, so prepare well before submitting.

The deadline of submission for the Prelims is on 19th February, 11:59 PM.



You will have to present your idea to a panel of judges and an eager audience. You will have access to a mic and a video projector for your presentation.

The speakers will then be asked to “defend” their theories before a panel of judges for 1-3 minutes.

The whole thing will be recorded.


Other Details

These are the four criteria our judges will be using, so they should be things you think about for your submission.

  • Force of Science – how much “scientific” information was brought to bear (graphs, real citations, “research” etc.)

  • Artistry – how unexpected and clever the idea and presentation are, and how well the presentation is delivered.

  • Strength of Defense – how well did you defend your views to the judges. Please note – being funny is not a good defense. We want to see you defend your terrible terrible theory!


We’d prefer you not do anything too horrifying or too sexy. Do your best to keep it PG-13. Absolutely nothing x-rated is allowed, and nothing that even has a hint of sexual assault is allowed (something to be mindful of if your proposal an evolution themed proposal). Proposals that could be construed as racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted will be thrown out immediately. Talks pertaining to gender or genetics are permitted, but we ask you to do your best to be respectful.


Some Tips (specially for you 😉)

  • DO nerd out!

  • DO take it seriously

  • DO have a good idea

  • DON’T put in one-liners

  • DON’T send a theory that might be true



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